Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Autism Answer: I Don't Know Why, but I Trust You Do

I have no idea why your child is screaming and kicking you, but I trust you do

I have no idea why you choose to ignore her while you shop happily, rather than scold and explain to her, but I trust you do.

Okay... perhaps I do know. Perhaps you'd rather show her love and happiness while not giving attention to her tantrum. Perhaps your happy demeanor is as much an act of strength and long term teaching as another parent's stopping the shopping to scold, explain, and leave.

I have no idea why you parent the way you do, or why your child behaves the way she does, but I love children and I love you. And I trust you do, too.

There is so much thinking and guessing and trying involved when we parent. I choose not to make it harder for everyone by judging others when they do it their way.

Besides, thinking without judgement about why your child is screaming while you happily shop is far more nourishing for me than the chocolate covered almonds I bought while I was behind you at the checkout!!

I applaud diversity in my grocery store!!!

I applaud you for parenting for your child and not for me!

Hugs, smiles, and love!!!

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