Sunday, November 30, 2014

Autism Answer: An Autumn Cup Of Joe!

I like coffee. 

Okay, I love coffee. 

Okay, I am obsessively in love with coffee!

So as we celebrate the season I thought it would be fun to share my sometimes autumn morning coffee ritual. As pumpkins grow in season, and stores pump images and smells of the healthy and delicious food at us at break neck speed, I've discovered my own way to celebrate the food without breaking the bank or ignoring my beliefs. 

A few of those beliefs: Organic fair trade is important, discovering and implementing habits that are healthy for both my body and soul is important, sharing those habits and beliefs with my family and friends is an important way to encourage new ideas while holding onto our most comfortable old ones. 

And though my Cup of Joe doesn't actually include the nutrition or taste of pumpkin, it does sneak into my soul the feel of pumpkin, due to my use of pumpkin pie type spices. 

So, without further ado, my autumn coffee recipe!

What You Need:
Organic Fair Trade Shade Grown Whole Bean Coffee
Coffee Grinder
Organic Ground Cinnamon
Organic Ground Ginger
Organic Whole or Ground Cloves
Coffee Press or Coffee Percolator

What You Do:
Sniff Coffee Beans
Grind Coffee Beans
Sniff Ground Coffee
Smile to Self (and Company!)
Dump Ground Coffee into Coffee Press or Percolator
Sprinkle Cinnamon
Sprinkle Ginger
Sprinkle or drop Cloves
Sashay to the Sound of Your Happy Humming
Pour almost Boiling Hot Filtered Water into Coffee Press (or Cold Filtered Water into Percolator and Turn on Medium-High Heat)
For Coffee Press: Stir with wooden spoon, and place the top on, without pressing.

While Waiting for Your Brew & To Taste: Sing a song, or dance while sweeping or vacuuming, or fold one load of laundry, or daydream while washing dishes. 
Do Not: Check email or phone messages or to-do list!

After approx two songs:
Press Coffee or Turn Down Percolator.
Pour into Huge Coffee Mug that Invites Hands to Wrap Around it.
Sniff, smile, sip, repeat!

I usually also add a touch of organic half n' half. But it's unnecessary and also potentially unkind when we take a moment to think about how so many of the animals that gift us with dairy products are treated, which takes a little bit of the pure joy away. But it does add a touch of creamy goodness, so treat yourself with open eyes!

*The thing about pressed coffee is the oils are retained. Which is healthier or less healthy, depending on each person. And the thing about whole bean is that it's healthier because some types of mold can grow on pre-ground coffee (or so I've read, but I can't remember where so it could well be crazy talk. But in my opinion it makes absolute sense, so I'm leaving it here for you to consider. I believe you're smart enough to think for yourself and discover your own belief!) so if you're like me and drink coffee daily, I definitely recommend whole bean, shade grown, and fair trade!*

You'll notice my lack of measurements and such. Ya, that's because I just play it all by ear! Most mornings I prefer a full bodied spice free cup of coffee. But some chilly fall mist covered mornings, when my heart and soul want to celebrate and be bold, I play with the spices. I simply sprinkle, or delicately dash, or selfishly scoop... which I absolutely encourage you to do too!

And for my friends who like a creamier less "coffee" flavored pumpkin coffee drink, please peak at my friend, Meryl Ann Butler's, article that sparked my own desire to recipe swap!!!! 

Oh, ya, and while we're talkin' about pumpkins, go ahead and check out my parenting and pancake posts, Pumpkin in the Pancakes Part 1 & Part 2.

Hugs, smiles, and love!!!!

Author's Note: But heck, it's not a bad thing to do a family Coffee Shop trip once in a while too!
This is me with my mom and sister and dad, sipping overpriced less than healthy lattes.
And loving it!!!

*I have comments turned off here on my blog, but always post a link to Facebook where I invite you with all of my heart to share your own ideas, thoughts, and delicious coffee recipes!!! Hugs!!