Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Autism Answer: Goofy Gratitude!

I have a habit of appreciating things out loud. I'm pretty sure it all started when my mom taught us teenage girls the importance of explaining and exampling things with clarity for my brothers, who all landed somewhere on the spectrum of autism. 

I know my habit got much more pronounced when I became a mom. It then grew to an almost ridiculous degree when my two youngest sons displayed different, but many, symptoms of autism!

Together my boys and I enjoy pointing out and giving gratitude to the many, many, MANY gifts that just keep revealing themselves in our lives!!

Today I dropped my mom off at the airport in Dallas, and on the drive home was singing to myself as I navigated in, through and around morning traffic and construction. Always when I would think perhaps I had lost my way, a road sign would appear promising that I had only to go a little bit further till my next exit.

And always, without fail, when these road signs appeared I would look at them and exclaim,"Thank-you!" Then I would look up at the sky, around at the world, and toward my fellow travelers and say again and again: Thank-you!

It occurred to me that I may seem silly. It occurred to me that perhaps I appear to be a smiley, dopey, lunatic thanking the world for just being there while I drive. But it also occurred to me that I am grateful and do appreciate it!

And that whatever I may appear to be, is nowhere near as important or true as what I am.

And I am grateful!! 

Goofily and honestly and truthfully grateful!!!

Thank-you for letting me share, friends! I am forever filled with goofy gratitude!!

Hugs, smiles and love!!!