Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Autism Answer: Share your Love Loud!

My oldest son and his girlfriend were shopping at the 99 Cent Store when an older woman came up to them. 

"You are a beautiful couple,"she said honestly,"and I see so much love. I remember what it was like when my husband and I were a young couple. Love was large but the money was tight. Here," she said offering them a twenty dollar bill,"you just shared some of your love with me. Now, I want to share some of my money with you." The kids were speechless and appreciative--and truthfully, very broke! They thanked the woman, and she in turn thanked them.

This happened on their one year anniversary as they were trying to celebrate by buying picnic food with the change in their pockets. Instead, they were able to buy a picnic feast paid for by the love they share; with each other and the world!

This is not an uncommon thing, either. I have been approached numerous times by people who wanted to offer me the gift of compliments, cash and food, always because they've enjoyed watching me with my sons or seeing my smile. One older gentleman walked up to me a few years ago and said,"Ma'm. I want ta thank ya. Watching the way you is with your boys, the way you let 'em talk and you listen like they matter, has made me act different with my own grand-kids an' it's been good.  Especially the way you is with that big boy o'yours. I can see he's a bit different, but you never seem to be embarrassed or nothin'. You just teach him and love him, and it looks precious. I'm not trying to be weird, I just hadda thank ya." 

So be sure to share your love loud! It promises to make beautiful things happen, whether or not you see it. And in sharing it, you absolutely always get to feel it!!

Hugs, smiles and love!!

The beautiful couple!!
Jory and Ashley!