Friday, September 6, 2013

Autism Answer: A Lovely Kind of Crying!

I was crying a tiny bit today while driving home after dropping my boys off at school. 

It was a lovely kind of cry! 

Last night Shay--who has an obsession with going through closets, drawers, storage spaces, bottom-of-the heap suitcases and such--found an old unlabeled CD and we wondered what was on it. He needed to get some sleep (ha! That's funny....) so I promised we'd check it out in the morning. 

On the way to school he admitted,"I listened to it after you went to bed. It's a bunch of Jory's music mixes! Put it on number 2!" So, we listened to one of my oldest son's mixes as we drove, singing and bouncing like popcorn! We felt excited and overly emotional remembering Jory's first tries at editing. Mixing music together was how he discovered a passion! And we had such fun remembering! 

After dropping my two youngest boys off I decided to skip back to song #1... see what we had there. Well, here's where the crying comes in!

It was a mix of P!NK songs Jory had made me for my birthday a few years ago. He knew I loved P!NK, and so he carefully chose my favorites and mixed them together with a story line. Ending beautifully on "You're Effing Perfect" and then adding a piece of "So what, I'm a Rock Star".... today I chose to think he was telling me I'm perfect to him, and that I'll be okay when they have all grown up and left, because I'm a rock star. 

So, I sang with my gut, and I cried happy tears! I cried because my boys are growing up beautifully! I cried because they are finding their passions! I cried because I have to let them leave and become their own kind of rock stars! I cried because they really love me!

I don't cry very often, but when I do... I choose to love it!!

There are so many reasons I could have chosen a sad cry, we all have those reasons and can choose them. But I rarely do.

Autism has taught me the life skill of simply seeing beauty in every struggle. It's not always obvious, but it's always there.

"Welcome to my silly life."~P!NK

Hugs, smiles, and love!!!!

Autism Answers with Tsara Shelton (Facebook)

I thought it would be fun to share this video here, as an example of just how much my boys and I love experiencing music together! And you'll notice that we're singing a P!NK song!! Hugs!!!!

"It's not about doing things really well, it's about doing them with all of your heart!" ~Me