Saturday, September 7, 2013

Autism Answer: Sexy Daydreams (or My Life is Awesome!)

My brother and I were driving and trying to find a song on the radio full of joy. We couldn't. So, I wrote this one for us!

Dar (my brother) is autistic, and his most consistent obsession is a love of schmaltzy tunes. As we were desperately searching the airwaves for something appropriately cheesy I couldn't help but notice that most of the lyrics in most of the songs were kinda lacking in anything I could truly celebrate. So....

I shut off the radio and wrote this! My brother loved it! Well... either that or he thought it was ridiculous. He was laughing the whole time. I decided to think he was happy about my song! 

Later on that day I sang it for my boys, and they loved it! I sang it for my mom and my sister, they found it fun! When I sang it for my niece she said,"That's awesome Aunt T! It's so much like you. It's your Character Song!"

I loved that so much! So now I think of it as my character song!!

Here I am, singing the song in my mom's living-room where I do a large part of my living. I'm no singer or songwriter... but I like it!!! Enjoy!

I feel sort-of silly sharing this, yet I feel it's kind of important too. Very often we forget to celebrate the everyday things. The fabulous family moments and morning coffees. Our loves and passions, our personalities and differences. And when we do celebrate, it tends to be in passing, as though they are only little things. But in truth, they are THE things! They are what all the work and chasing after success and hoping for world change is about!

I love all kinds of music--the intense and deep, the sexually charged, the lyrically stirring--but I also love the idea of more music that celebrates family and everyday magic. 

So rather than just talk about it and wish someone more talented than me would do it--and because my son has written a song that I really want him to sing and share with the world, so I figured I'd better example how easy it is to just do it!--I went ahead and pulled out my digital camera and sang my song!!

It's a little reminder to myself, my children and anyone else interested in remembering: Be the person you feel good being, unapologetically and with joy! Don't wait until it's easy or fashionable, just be! Allow others that same gift and celebrate with passion!

And, if your so inclined, a little ditty!

For more--and better!!--songs/music videos that you can celebrate, please check out my mom's music videos!! My mom is Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD--an international mental health therapist who specializes in autism. She is fantastical!!! And her music is freaking awesome!!