Friday, September 27, 2013

Autism Answer: My Beautiful Boobs!

Alright ladies! Let's talk about body image! 

When I was younger I used to wear sweaters in the summer to cover up my body. My mom would tell me my body was so cute, but she was my mom so I didn't believe her! I heard that my boobs were perky & perfect from--- well, guys I assumed were saying that so they could cop a feel! Years later I had four babies and everything on my body became stretch marked and flabby and saggy, especially my boobs! So, although I was too busy to worry about hiding my body anymore and got comfortable with just throwing on whatever was nearest to me, I quickly decided that my looks were plain and simply no good, and that my boobs should never be seen, even by my hubby! Had I learned nothing? 

Had autism taught me nothing??

Everyone can be beautiful!! When I look at Dar (my brother that is still autistic) I don't wonder if we should find a way to get rid of his stretch marks. Looking at my youngest brother Rye (who is no longer on the spectrum, but definitely still socially strange!) I don't sit there thinking he should go to a gym and work on his pecs. Nope! And when I meet a woman who has had to lose her breasts to cancer, I don't look at her and think that she's ugly or deformed. 

It's the woman's journey and strength I see. I see how amazing my brothers are and how hard they work. I think about making the right choices and not getting in the way of their healing. I hope and hope and hope that Dar's language will get clear enough to be understood by everyone, every time! 

I see the most beautiful people in the world!

And it's not because they do these things even though they have special needs. Some of what they choose to work on is because of disabilities or unbalanced brains or disease, but it's their willingness to work and love and try and share their experiences that make them beautiful!

Autism has shown me that everyone can be beautiful! Funny how often we have a hard time letting the lessons make us feel good about ourselves. Oops! If everyone can be beautiful, then so can I! Beauty has nothing to do with stretch marks or flab, and everything to do with moving forward, carrying kind confidence, and being our best! 

So I will see me as beautiful today. Me and my saggy, stretch marked boobs! 

Hugs, Smiles and Love!!