Friday, September 13, 2013

Autism Answer: My mom, the Stubbornly Hot Chick!!

Sometimes I call my mom (Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad) a "stubbornly hot chick". It makes me giggle to myself, and is a perfect label for her! I would love to share with you how apt the phrase is. 

When my mom was a little girl she wanted to be the super mommy of no less than twelve kids, be a movie star and teach the world about fairness and love. Life kind of interrupted those well laid plans. 

A still birth, hysterectomy, abusive husband to begin with. She struck back with adoption, a safe house for abused women and stand-up comedy. There were two teenage homeless girls who became my sisters. Then their families decided to step in and try to beat my mom down again. Teachers who couldn't understand my mom's consistent insistence that her disabled boys deserved creativity and caring joined the fight. My mom stepped in the ring with love, a belief in miracles, special diets, and a willingness to see people as doing their best with what they know. 

There were some along the way who encouraged her and were amazed by her as well. So she kept going. She held our hands tight as we traveled North America performing, learning and living a life full of wonder and love. She believed in our dreams and always went after her own. She has eight kids, not twelve. She isn't famous yet but has been in movies, hosted a cooking show and her international reality series FIX IT IN FIVE with LYNETTE LOUISE aka THE BRAIN BROAD is playing and popular on The Autism Channel. She has performed her one woman comedy show CRAZY TO SANE around the world and has released two CD's. She is the author of two amazing books. She hosts a podcast and interviews moms, professionals, celebrities and more. She travels the globe as a therapist teaching, speaking and working intimately with families of autism and other disabilities. From addiction to Parkinson's to Tourette's to depression and so much more! She examples and teaches how small attitudinal shifts, along with some creativity and a little neurofeedback, can change a life and reveal its beauty. 

She is beautiful. No matter what life throws at her, no matter how the world tries to beat her down or beg her to stop speaking her truth, she is stubbornly beautiful. And when the woman she sees in the mirror doesn't look like the vivacious, full of life and silliness woman that she is inside, she gets a little bit of work done! 

She is a stubbornly hot chick who has affected hundreds of lives with her beauty and love already, and I'm certain she will stubbornly gift hundreds more! 

So--like my mom!-- make your plans, go after your goals and if you are forever willing to adjust and re-think, you will get there! And if the picture you have of yourself in the future is some well- adjusted hot chick (or dude!) know that following your dreams makes it so! (Also, the odd buff and puff can be done along the way, if you're so inclined!)

Hugs, smiles and love!!!
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Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD
Neurofeedback expert, play therapist, brainiac, singer, songwriter, mom extraordinaire,
and Stubbornly Hot Chick!!