Sunday, October 13, 2013

Autism Answer: The "Cure" Conundrum

I believe (and have seen!) that autistic people can learn to be comfortable in their skin. Often that means finding ways to handle and even change things like synesthesia (a confusion of senses ie seeing sound, tasting shapes etc.), sensory challenges, tics etc... 

Sometimes --as is the case with my mom and two of my sons and three of my brothers-- the challenges can change to the point of no longer having them! I have three of four autistic brothers who are no longer autistic. Not because of a cure, but because my mom believed in them, found different therapies that worked for different brains (neurofeedback worked for all of them, but two didn't need it to get off the spectrum) and never ever let them give up.

My still autistic brother is my mom's slow moving miracle. The goal isn't to get rid of autism, but rather to be happy and comfortable. My still autistic brother mostly is!! And he continues to gain skills and work toward goals. Not no longer autistic goals, just happy comfortable goals! Also, he is engaged to be married to a wonderful woman. Together they are enjoying the challenge of discovering important happy and comfortable relationship goals!

What I do hope is that autism will be part of a cure for our society's silly desire for order and convenience. Autism has helped me love all people, see difference with kindness and curiosity and believe in magic! Perhaps autism IS a cure of sorts!! 

We can ignore it, hide it, hate it, love it, need it, fear it... but I think we will likelier be happier if we choose to embrace the autism that surrounds us, and do our best to help guide our autistic loved ones to comfort. Some of that will require healing (it can't possibly be comfortable to feel pain from certain sounds and colors!) and sometimes we won't be diagnosable as autistic anymore. That's okay! 

Miracles are made with an eye on the goal (comfort and happiness for me!), a heck of a lot of hard work, and a belief in everyone's ability to gain skills and find comfort and value in their body and the world! 

I say Yes! to investigating causes and looking for ways to promote comfort and skill acquisition. I say Yes! to seeing our autistic loved ones as perfectly able and equally valuable, regardless of which skills they are able to acquire. I say Yes! to sharing our feelings regarding words and attitudes, while listening with curious interest to the feelings of others!

Perhaps instead of arguing for or against an autism cure, we can do our best to understand the discomforts, appreciate the challenges and look for ways to help our autistic loved ones and neighbors not have them anymore. 

Call it: people who care about and respect the comfort of others!

Which is precisely a cure our world can always use!

Hugs, smiles and love!!!

Please take a moment to enjoy this video of my wacky family sharing our ideas regarding autism and recovery... also, please note how gorgeous my sons are. tee hee!