Friday, October 18, 2013

Autism Answer: Freedom and Fantastic Friday!!

I freakin' love Fridays!!! Though I do have to share my kids with the school, and get everyone up early enough to get them there on time, the knowledge that they will be home soon for an entire weekend--and that we can spend it ignoring the clock and doing our own thing--makes me smile!!!

I absolutely adore freedom! And so Saturdays are wickedly wonderful too! I almost never look at the clock, get dressed or comb my hair on Saturdays!! And there is no worry about getting the boys up on time, dress code issues or social stress. Just what we want, when we want!!

But the absolute freedom of Saturday brings a teeny bit of (slightly silly!) stress. I worry about using the day to it's fullest. Should I read and go for walks with the kids, or snuggle with movies and popcorn? Should we go to the park or invite friends and extended family for social time? Should we learn a skill or spring clean or re-arrange family photos?

This silly stress sometimes makes Saturday feel almost heavy. Almost! The weight of the possibilities can warp my view of freedom and find me feeling overwhelmed and nervous about wasting the day--which is funny since feeling overwhelmed is pretty much a wasted day! tee hee!

But Friday!! Fantastic Friday!! The weekend is practically here, and the routine forced on us in the morning really only makes the freedom of the evening that much sweeter! On Friday I know I had better get groceries and pay the bills on my list. I know I have to be at the school by three-twenty to get the boys, but the rest is up to me!!

And here is the answer Friday has gifted me with: we ALL crave a little routine. We all enjoy having some structure and expectations. But too many will weigh us down and make us feel judged and unfairly treated and like breaking free. While none at all can leave us feeling lost, unsure and tempted to judge ourselves harshly. But just the right amount of freedom, especially if coupled with smiles and encouragement, can help us become the best, most comfortable, versions of ourselves!!! 

I hope everyone has just the right amount of freedom this fantastic Friday!!!! 

Hugs, smiles and love!!!!

Some Fabulous Friday Sand Art!!
By: Declyn & Shay Shelton