Thursday, October 10, 2013

Autism Answer: What's Your Story?

Someone asked me a while back: So--what's your story?
I told them this:
I was molested as a child and felt responsible for many of the struggles that followed.
I've lived life surrounded by autism (my mom and brothers were on the spectrum) and dealt with the guilt I felt for years as the sister who didn't truly believe. My brothers seemed so limited to me, and my mom so embarrassing! 
I was outwardly sweet but silently slightly resentful of my adopted sisters, who were beautiful and horribly harmed in the homes before ours. Their beauty could make me jealous and their true abuse made me feel like mine was silly. The guilt drove me to do some pretty wild thing... all in hopes of running away from it. All of these things (and many more!) are part of my life, and part of me.

But my story is simple. I am a mother who insists on discovering her passions, so that I can comfortably expect it of my children. I willingly--and with a curious nature--dive into my darkest thoughts to shed light. And then I share and suggest change! I choose to remember the me I once was without anger or judgment as a way to easily accept and believe in my own boys when they admit to similar thoughts and deeds. And in hopes that I can help them avoid much of it and make intentional change!
We are a mismatched family of colorful misfits, and acceptance has become our war cry! 
And I have chosen to reveal the importance of an accepting nature with volume, smiles and silly true stories!
My story is simple. I am a mom who knows what kind of world she wants for her children!

So--what's your story?