Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Autism Answer: Sassy Semantics!

Would you describe your child as hyperactive or, instead, passionate and excited? Are you afraid of confrontation or flexible and open minded? Is your mother-in-law controlling and judgmental or extremely involved so she can control and judge... wait... that one didn't work. tee hee! You see what I'm getting at. 

What would happen if you chose to see the people around you in words that are positive and easy to work with?

If you're afraid that you won't then ask for appropriate behavior or change, I think your wrong! You will still ask for it, however you're more likely to ask for it with passionate excitement and a flexible open mind, rather than with frustration and fear of judgement from others. (Though, mother-in-laws might be exempt from this strategy!) 

Words are wonderful and powerful, so take advantage of that and be intentional with the ones you use. Both out in the world and in your mind! 

But please remember that words also come with their own personal meanings and history. The beauty and strength I feel behind the word fierce can bring fright and force to the mind of another. So be intentional with your own words... for you. And enjoy chatting with others about what their words mean... for them. 

Semantics are sassy! They challenge us with attitude. So let's go ahead and get sassy right back by enjoying their moxy and taking advantage of it for ourselves!! 

You might even accidentally rub off on your mother-in-law!! 

Hugs, smiles, and love!!!

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