Monday, October 28, 2013

Autism Answer: While My Computer Was Broken.

My computer had been broken for three days. It was lovely!
I dropped it off for repairs one morning, and then sauntered to the local 99 Cent store for treats, no rush. I played with my nieces, sipped coffee with my mom and sister, chatted with my hubby on the phone, and wandered to the park with family.
I volunteered to help out on my son's photo shoot, drove kids to work and danced with my nieces and sons at the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum, rarely thinking about the work I should be doing on my computer.
And every time I would feel a tug of computer envy, watching family pop open computers and answer emails, share links for work, create posts and produce projects, I would just walk away to see which family member--which niece or brother or sister or son--was available for chit-chat or imaginative play.
Often I would think of things I wanted to share with you dear readers, or see things that made me think of an Autism Answer--some were silly, some simple, some potentially sensational--but when they slipped away because I was unable to use my computer and share, I noticed that my life and people were still available for more learnings!! And I remembered that you are busy too, and that it's all wonderfully right!!
The virtual world (along with our friends in it) is very real to many of us, and I'm happy to say that I'm comfortable and thrilled about that! And the world of family, neighbors and true-life connections is of course very real as well. 
Keeping a balance is delicious and can offer such beautiful revelations for all of our worlds!!!
So I'm sorry if I'm not around every now and then. But I'm also happy!!
Because I learned that I have such a lovely time missing you while my computer is broken, shut down or nowhere near internet!!
And while I'm missing you, I'm living and learning and gathering so much more to add to the conversations we'll have when I return. And looking forward to all the fantastic ideas and stories you'll be bringing as well!
Hugs, smiles and love!!