Saturday, August 1, 2015

Autism Answer: Healthy Hilarity For Your Brain And Body

My family loves to laugh. 

We consider ourselves quite funny-- despite the confused looks and wide berth we're often given. Oh well, not everyone can understand the multi-layered brilliance of our deflated balloon boob jokes or hairy chin humor! Often there is an avalanche of grown women running the the nearest bathroom, shoving each other out of the way in hopes that maybe this time we won't pee ourselves!

Well, as you know, my mom is Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad--a funny and fun international brain and behavior expert. So sometimes when we are laughing she'll say things like: 

"You know, laughing is an intense cardio workout with the best ab reps ever. And it works the muscles in the face and increases blood flow to the brain, as well as stabilizes oxygen/carbon dioxide levels.

The neurochemical release is stress relieving and the change in focus can allow the formation of a new more beneficial habit. Learning what and how and why we laugh increases social understanding and confidence when speaking ... "

And then when she sees us staring at her with the last boob joke still lingering in the air she'll shrug and admit: 

"I could go on." 

And then, again, we'll laugh and hold our pee!

Laughing feels healthy. And when your mom is The Brain Broad, you know that it is, and why!!

So, friends, be sure to eat your vegetables and breath deep and drink plenty of water and laugh blood flow to the brain daily. 

Brain Broad's orders!!
Hugs, smiles, and love!!!

Autism Answers with Tsara Shelton (Facebook) 

Have a healthy giggle, friends, while my mom teaches a bit about anatomy to the poor clueless man at the bar. As always, my mom's comedy is insightful and funny! 

Also, for your viewing and healthy pleasure, enjoy the pilot episode of mom's show Living with Lynette. Starring my mom, my brothers, my dad, myself, my niece, a friend, our neighbors and the crazy search for normal!