Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Autism Answer: When You Find Your Answer, Celebrate! Then Seek Out The Next One

Sometimes I'll read a book or watch a film that makes me think,"Wow! My life has just been changed. My world is better now because of the perspectives and ideas and nudges this story has given me! I don't ever need to read another book or see another movie again. You know, if everyone in the world would just experience this story, there would be peace, love, happiness, and passionate people everywhere!"

And for a few hours I can't help but really truly honestly believe it.

It reminds me of when my mom would find a healthy therapy or diet choice for my autistic brothers. It reminds me of the times she worked day and night to afford vision therapy for everyone, or macrobiotics, or blue green algae. 

All of these things are part of the reason my brothers have grown so healthy, surpassed every expectation, discovered happiness and personal passions. All of these things were an almost obsession for my mom who'd think, "This is it! This is the story that makes sense and will give my children what they need to find all their answers!"

Which is lucky for us. If mom hadn't been almost obsessed, she may not have found the strength needed to dig deep and discover ways to make it happen. A little obsession or intense interest can be a gift when motivated correctly (as autism has taught us!).

I'll remember my mom, and think about the "perfect story" I've just experienced, and then I'll giggle to myself. Because I know important, healthy, thoughtful stories are like important, healthy, thoughtful meals. 

We need them. We should seek them out purposefully. But we can't stop with only one! 

And we don't all need the same foods in the same amounts. There is no "one right meal" or "one right story" and we will not be finished growing healthy from one meal no matter how carefully everything on our plate was grown, blended, chosen, and chewed. We need more than one perfect healthy meal. 

Besides, healthy meals are more than just a chart of specific nutrition broken down into perfect portions. Smells, moments, tastes, vitamins, and minerals all matter! The joy I get in a bite of cheesecake with friends nourishes me differently, but almost equally, as the spinach salad I had for dinner. 

It's the same with the books I choose to read and the movies I choose to watch and the stories behind therapies my mom found (and some she invented!) for my brothers.

It's smart to choose mostly spinach salad stories--ones that are rich in known nutrients-- so that we'll get vitamins and minerals that matter. But consuming only spinach salad stories will leave us sick and in need of more nutrients, even if we sprinkle in fancy bits and pieces. A handful of nuts or cubed cheese doesn't make it not still a spinach salad. Healthy is only healthy when we insist on variety and balance.

Healthy is different from person to person, culture to culture, soul to soul. Healthy changes over time and with new information. 

So I like to allow myself the grandiose thoughts of, "This story will bring world peace and never-ending cups of coffee to every home!" because that's fun. 

But soon I crave more. I need more. I begin to seek out more healthy stories; the next meal. Sometimes I even decide to invent it myself. 

So seek out healthy stories, friends! Eat and share healthy recipes for happiness and growth! Don't get so caught up in the seeking that you forget to enjoy the meals, but don't get so sure of the meal that you don't take time to be sure it's still healthy. 

And giggle when you find yourself thinking you've found the perfect panacea to all of the worlds ills. Celebrate it! I'm betting that's better than fearing there are no right answers. 

"Health is a series of choices." ~ Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad

So keep on choosing friends!
Keep on seeking the next meal!

Hugs, smiles, and love!!
Autism Answers with Tsara Shelton (Facebook) 

A few books I was sure would be enough. Then, I wanted more!
For fun:
A short list of books I'm sure are able to change the world for the better: 

Miracles are Made: A Real Life Guide to Autism by Lynette Louise
Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck
We are Water by Wally Lamb
A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki
Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee
Between the World and Me by Ta-Nahisi Coates

A short list of films I'm sure are able to change the world for the better:

Living with Lynette written by Lynette Louise
Remember the Titans written by Gregory Allen Howard
The Intouchables written by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano
A Knights Tale written by Brian Helgeland
The Never Ending Story written by Wolfgang Peterson and Herman Weigel
Carhopping written by Tsara Shelton (not yet produced) tee hee!

A short list of therapies and foods that helped my family grow healthy: 

Macrobiotic Diet 
Auditory Training
Dialogues and Play/behavior techniques learned from The Option Institute
Travel Therapy invented by my mom, Lynette Louise
Blue Green Algae and other supplements (esp. when we shift and change them over time) 

**The One that always helps everyone every single time**
Neurofeedback when done by my mom, Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad 
I'm certain it's because she's gifted at understanding the brain but also at understanding behavior. Mom is world renowned for her talents at helping people with neurofeedback.