Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Autism Answer: IMAGINE and Do

Me imagining.

IMAGINE: A culture where we don't ask our children to find a way to fit into society but, instead, we ask how we can shift society so it values and welcomes all of our children. 

Our culture is broken, friends. 

We tell our kids to sit, listen, focus, and to believe what we tell them. 

When we do this we harm them. We tell them with our actions and rules not to be wild or curious beyond our vision, we suggest that their natural inclinations make them "wrong" or "broken" and our chances for global health and happiness grow farther out of reach. We have so much power! 

Let's ask our kids to play, show, explore distractions and to believe they have the answers.

If we do this our world will shift - quickly! - and our health and happiness will be unavoidable. We will begin to remember who we are, and our values and celebrations will align more naturally with being human rather than fitting into schedules and prefabricated, made up, boxes. We have so much power!

IMAGINE: A culture where we remember that children are not less than but equal to, and diversity and difference are to be valued not restrained. 

Now, join me in doing some of the things we imagine. Be careful, don't get yourselves in trouble, friends. Society still holds the keys to locks that shouldn't exist. 

But if we all shift now, the changes will be profound!

And our children (and ourselves) will grow into who they were born to be!

We have so much power!

Let's share it with our young ones and show them how to use it with kindness.

IMAGINE: And do! 

Hugs, smiles, and love!!
Autism Answers with Tsara Shelton (Facebook) 

My sister's youngest daughter and my youngest son, imagining and exploring.