Friday, May 9, 2014

Autism Answer: A Beautiful Future

Last night in our neck of the woods there was heavy rain, thunder, and brilliant bursts of lightening. As has become something of a ritual, Shay and I went outside to sit on our porch-swing under the tin roof where we partly chat and partly quietly think, the sound of storm playing the role of thought stirring soundtrack.

We laughed and talked about nature and pushed the smelly wet dogs away with our feet.

Then we sat and listened for a while, staring out into the dark and violent night trying to understand its language. 

After a few minutes of thought Shay turned in my direction with a sweet grin and looked down at me. "You know what I imagine when I think about the future mom?" he said as I craned my neck to look up at him, still barely used to my sixteen year old's surprising height. "I imagine you sitting on this porch-swing with a coffee, looking out at the trees and thinking about your books. Or phoning me and my brothers because you miss us."

No mention of social status, no worry about success, no hint of concern for.... who am I kidding? Yes, there are lots of beautiful answers I can see in the future picture Shay painted of me, but the one I love most of all is that he thinks about me in the first place!!

We may not feel like our children are watching us, or learning from us, or considering us... but they are. 
Be purposeful when posing for that picture!!

Me sitting on the porch-swing with a coffee.
My youngest son took this picture and said, "This is
so you mom."

We are showing our children what "grown-up" looks like, and they are picturing a future. We can paint their future beautiful by dressing the set with laughter and love, and modeling comfort, quirkiness, and kindness--playing the role with purpose so they can see what a beautiful future might look like!

Happy Friday friends!!
Hugs, smiles, and love!!

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