Friday, May 23, 2014

Autism Answer: My Brother Dar

My Brother Dar

My brother Dar jumps up and down screaming and clapping his hands in public places. 

My brother Dar eats food off the floor and out of the trash. 

My brother Dar loves the song Through the Eyes of Love by Melissa Manchester. 

My brother Dar will poke your boob and flick your ponytail even though he doesn't know you. 

My brother Dar will carry the groceries in from the car. 

My brother Dar loves dairy products and the high he gets from them; hide the half and half! 

My brother Dar wanders at night placing random things from around the house on the living room floor, creating designs and mess (perception!). 

My brother Dar will hide your shoes. 

My brother Dar was saved by my mom.

My brother Dar saved my mom.

My brother Dar has a clever and sarcastic sense of humor, and laughs almost at, but mostly with. 

My brother Dar has a hard time communicating because his mouth and body rarely listen to his mind, and strangers rarely believe in his mind or his communication. 

My brother Dar keeps trying.

My brother Dar goes bowling with his friends. 

A Moment In Time
Happy birthday to my beautiful brother Dar!!!!!

Hugs, smiles, and love!!
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