Monday, May 12, 2014

Autism Answer: My Mother's Day

Mother's Day morning I woke up with a short story in my head. So I reached for my pen and notebook--which I keep beside my bed--and began to write. 

Moments later Declyn walked in, crawled on the bed beside me and gave me the greatest hug and snuggle! It was over a minute before he added,"Happy Mother's Day mom!" Almost like he wanted me to first feel the snuggle as his own idea separate from any special day expectations...

After some fabulous cuddling Declyn got up and told me,"It's Mother's Day. You can write or read or sleep or do whatever you want. I'll get my own glass of water."

What a magnificent mommy morning!!!


For Mother's Day I read The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. Tyran has been bugging me to read it for about a year now, and I've been trying, but they don't have it at our library and I haven't found a copy at any of the thrift stores.

So Saturday I splurged and bought a copy at Walmart. I read a bit Saturday evening and finished up yesterday. The book is lovely, but my favorite part was phoning my son over and over to talk about the characters and our hopes for them, and thinking over and over while reading,"Tyran was here. And Tyran was here. And Tyran felt this, and Tyran thought about that..."

...and Tyran wanted to share this with me!
What a fantastic way to spend Mother's Day with a son who is far away!


I was sitting on the couch sipping coffee and reading on Mother's Day morning when the phone rang. 

"Happy Mother's Day mom," my sleepy sounding Jory said before I could even offer a hello. "Are my brothers snuggling you?" I laughed. My sons know me well!!

Looking at the clock I was amazed. "Jory! It's seven in the morning where you live. You're awake??" 

"I'm awake because you're awake. It's Mother's Day, and I love you."

Years and years and years of waking up for my boys, I had no idea how touched I'd be when they did it for me. 

What a wonderful Mother's Day moment!

The evening was soft and cool this Mother's Day. I was driving with Shay when he asked if we could make a quick stop at the store. 

"Ugggg!!! You're going to buy soda!! I hate watching you guys drink soda!!!" I lamented. And though I did drive him, I refused to get out of the vehicle.

Shay took a little longer than I'd hoped and I found myself feeling a bit annoyed. I like giving the boys freedom with their small allowances, but do they have to poison themselves with soda?!

Finally my son emerged from the Dollar Store with something other than soda in hand. Folding himself into the van he handed me a chocolate bar and gave me that cute, sly, Shay grin. "Happy Mother's Day! This chocolate bar has almonds in it. I wasn't sure if you'd want the dark chocolate one or the one with almonds. I can go exchange it if you want."

"No, Shay, this is perfect. Thank-you so much!!!" I gave him a huge hug and held back a tear.

Turns out the only poison picked up that day were my assumptions and a decision to be annoyed. 

An important Mother's Day reminder!!

My Mother's Day was like every day. Fantastic, busy, relaxing, noisy, quiet, confident, and confused. 

There were choices to be made and moments to actively celebrate!! 

I truly hope your day was equally blessed.

Hugs, smiles, and love!!