Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Autism Answer: My Smarty Pants T-Shirt!

I'm wearing one of my favorite t-shirts today. It say's "Lead Actress in a Comedy" and makes me feel like wearing my Gosh, Life is Funny glasses. I have noticed a few interesting things about this shirt that I would love to share.

1. It doesn't really fit. You know when you see women wearing outfits that someone much younger, thinner, or photo shopped should be wearing? Some folks roll their eyes and think juvenile--but kinda fun--nasty thoughts? Ya. Me in this shirt. But I absolutely love it, even though it is slightly small and made for someone whose belly is flat and whose stretchmarks are not so purple and itchy!

. Not everyone gets it. I have had people come up to me in my small town of Two Old Men and One Tumbleweed, TX, asking excitedly what comedy I am in. I don't mind this at all, and enjoy sharing that it is referring to the comedy of life. Then, hoping they see the humor, I apologize for my autistic brother poking their boob and tell my fifteen year old son, who is cocking his arms like a T-Rex and making sounds like the predator, that he may not have a soda. 

It's smarter than me. It never forgets to challenge social norms or assumptions. It reminds me to be okay with the eye rolling of women--Observational Aside: Men don't seem to care about stretch marks or blubber, they just appreciate a peek of belly regardless!-- and to not worry or wonder about the assumptions of others. Like a good friend it encourages me to comfortably explain my idea of it's meaning to strangers when they ask for my autograph. With confidence it announces that I am the star in my life. It's not afraid to accept attention and be interesting! It always remembers that life can be seen as a comedy--which aren't funny in every scene, but are willing to pull us back from the painful moments with laughter. This shirt doesn't take life too seriously, while simultaneously offering an opportunity for serious learnings.

Perhaps if I hadn't had to learn all of these tips and tricks as a child growing up with four autistic brothers, I would just think the shirt is too much trouble and throw it away. Perhaps if I hadn't already been encouraged to learn the value of not worrying about stranger stares or being approached with incorrect assumptions, I wouldn't find such joy in my shirt. But I love these lessons! And now that my brothers are either off the spectrum or in California, and my own spectrum-y son is not much of an attention grabber, I rely on tricks like silly t-shirts to remind me not to forget these lovely lessons. 

To always remember these Autism Answers!

To always remember that I'm the lead actress in a comedy!!

Hugs, smiles, and love!!!

You can kinda see my muffin top and stretch marks.
But I just totally love the shirt!!!

I'm not trying to say "Look at my boobs" with this pic. Promise!
But, I mean, it's fine if you wanna.
While you're there though, please also notice the caption.
tee hee!