Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Autism Answer: When you're at a loss, play!

When you're wondering how to help your child, or hoping to connect. When you find their behaviors perplexing or want to know their thoughts. When you feel confused and at a loss, or just have a moment free and are wondering how to fill it.


Get down on the floor or up on the couch! Get in the dirt and imagine new worlds! Ask for ideas from your child (even the non-verbal folks will show you!) and include them with interest and passion!


Put on the music and dance! Allow your loved one to show you some new moves! Try a stim or two and see if you can choreograph a dance or create a play while incorporating them! Search for interests in magazine photos and share your own childhood dreams, tell stories about why you went after some and why not others. Climb a tree and look for bugs! Ask your kids what they would do if they were suddenly tiny, then pretend that you are all suddenly tiny!! 

You don't always have to do the best thing or the smartest thing or right thing. Give yourself (and your loved ones) permission to just play!

You might be surprised by how often that is the best, smartest, and right thing!!

Hugs, smiles and love!!
Autism Answers 

Hmmmm...what would happen if we put water on the trampoline?
I dunno. Let's see!
Just play!