Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Autism Answer: Organic Ideas

Our healthiest ideas are organic.

They are grown with the support and sacrifice of ideas that came before them, encouraged to bloom with patience and an honest interest and want for their eventual nourishment.

They blossom beautifully, taking advantage of the naturally existing personalities, cultures, quirks, and beliefs. Rather than attempting to create something that exists elsewhere, they use exactly what they are offered innately, while growing into exactly what they were meant to be. Authentic and delightfully, deliciously, different!

They are not mass produced cookie cutter memes or social stories, created with unoriginal ingredients meant to fit in a pretty box or under a restricting label.

When we were growing up my mom's ideas were organic--and I submit, lush and wildly grown!--which made many folks nervous, but nourished and encouraged our family's growth.

Today my mom (Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad) travels the globe successfully sharing the importance of organic ideas. Autistic or Tourett's or Bi-Polar or Anxious--doesn't matter. Bisexual or black or Catholic or conservative or overweight--not the point.

Who are you? What are your needs? What do you think? What do you believe?

Take time to nourish and coax and guide your organic thoughts until they blossom!

They may take a little longer than any hurriedly offered already existing one, and will be unlikely to fit perfectly in some preexisting labeled package.

But they will be much more nourishing and authentic. They will be yours. They will be valuable. They will be what you need. And they will be beautiful!

Hugs, smiles and love!!!
Autism Answers

ME: I am grateful for the ideas and beliefs shared with me by others.
They are fabulous offerings for my organic garden.
Which I grow and tend and choose