Thursday, May 23, 2013

Autism Answer: Thank-you Dear Lady at the 99 Cent Store!

Authors note: Today is Dar's birthday! He's thirty-two... man, that makes me old!! My mom adopted Dar when he was three, the agency asking her to please just keep him until there was a bed available at the institution. Luckily, my mom falls in love easily, and he became my first adopted brother. Also, the first person I ever met with autism. Dar, my brother, has blessed our lives and the lives of countless others ever since. Happy birthday Dar!!!!

My brother, Dar, is a handsome and huge thirty-one year old autistic man. A couple of years ago he and I were in the 99 Cent Store, shopping for groceries, and happily hurrying so we could go pick my boys up from school. Suddenly, my brother made a dash toward the dairy section. 

Standing next to the milk and butter he clapped his hands loudly, jumped up and down and screamed for joy! I giggled and asked him to please celebrate a little bit quieter. Then I noticed the old woman standing just behind me. She had her hand on her heart and her face was pale and ashen looking. "Are you okay?" I asked her, feeling concerned. "Yes," she answered with a crooked half-smile, "your friend almost gave me a heart attack." I apologized for my brother's surprising behavior while my brother smiled at her and showed her the butter in his hand. She was already looking healthier as she smiled at Dar. "It's fine. But I really did almost have a heart attack. I've just gotten out of the hospital for heart problems!" She gave a little giggle and continued with her shopping, as we continued with ours.

That is a very strong memory of mine. The woman had been kind, and she could have died! Yet she seemed to believe that neither her quality of life, nor my brothers, was more important than the other. We should all do our best to be considerate of the world around us. All of us. It's not only up to the world to be considerate of my autistic brother, and it's not only up to my brother to be considerate of the world. My brother is learning, and he is challenging others to do the same. 

Thank-you so much to the lady at the 99 Cent Store!! We remember you often, and I'm so glad you did not have a heart attack that day! 

Hugs, smiles and love!

My mom, Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad, singing & working on words with Dar!
Dar, we love  you more than words!!! xoxoxo