Friday, May 17, 2013

Autism Answer: Coffee, mom, and me!

When I was a little girl I would watch my mom closely, seeing her as a beautiful example of what it is to be a grown-up. For some reason I mostly focused on her hands wrapped around never ending coffee mugs. Her slender, pretty fingers were so different from my short chubby ones. And the look of reflective calm that came over mom with the first few sips of each steaming cup of that grown-up beverage seemed to me the epitome of adulthood. Watching my mom I knew that it was wonderful to be a grown-up!

Our kids are watching us. They're making observations and connections that we may never be aware of. So I suggest we do our best to always be an adult we are proud of, someone that makes being grown up look fun and free, kind and reflective, healthy and happy!

Now that my sisters, brothers and I are grown, I notice we all pretty much adore gathering together for adult conversation and forever flowing pots of coffee! My brothers--who were once on the spectrum of autism and appeared to have absolutely no interest in anyone other than themselves and their obsessions--now call me up to see if I have time to sip and chat.

One of the most prevalent habits among all of us now grown kids is a desire to find time for coffee and conversation. It makes us feel connected, we discover hidden truths about each other, and we laugh! Boy do we laugh!

So as I sit and sip my adult brew, and look far off into myself, I feel as though I am mostly grown-up. I see a bit of my mom in me, and that's beautiful! 

And when I look down at my still short and chubby fingers I am reminded that I will always have more growing up to do. I see a bit of only me in me! And I smile. 

I smile.

Hugs, smiles, and love!!
Autism Answers with Tsara Shelton (Facebook)

Me, my sister, my mom & my dad.
Together, sipping coffee, and smiling!

This piece appears in my book, Spinning in Circles and Learning from Myself: A Collection of Stories that Slowly Grow Up, along with many more stories of forever discovering who I am while exploring my relationships with the people I'm surrounded by. I invite you to read the book while sipping coffee with the people you're surrounded by! It's totally a coffee and conversation kind of book. Hugs! ~Tsara