Thursday, May 16, 2013

Autism Answer: About the Making of me!

A bit of background: When my mom decided to adopt four autistic boys I was less than impressed. I was ten and unlike my sister--who was seven--I felt uncomfortable around my new brothers. Dar would grunt, hit himself and eat out of the garbage. Cash would stare blankly in whatever direction he happened to be facing, forever needing to pull up his socks. Chance would threaten the nearest person with violence while violently avoiding eye contact. And Rye would jump at you from the highest heights, echoing your words and running to wrap his itty bitty mouth around the hottest tailpipes. This was not my idea of a fun new family. I even felt rejected when my little brothers wanted to play with my sister (who genuinely enjoyed playing) but not me (who was pretending to want to play). 

Now the mother of four boys, and sister to two more adopted siblings (girls this time!) I am in awe and appreciation for the gift of such an interesting and crazy family!

My two youngest sons showed symptoms of autism very early. Thanks to my moms understanding and passion for autism we were able to create a family program that was both fun and effective. She recently interviewed them for her podcast A NEW SPIN ON AUTISM: ANSWERS, where they, along with my youngest brother, had a chance to share their feelings and learning's about autism. They even share some surprisingly helpful tips for autistic individuals and their families! The show is titled 'Are you Normal Too?', have a listen!

A bit of Now
: I am amazed and constantly inspired by my brothers. Cash owns his own home in Corsicana, TX and works for a construction company. Chance lives in Vermont and is a helicopter mechanic in the National Guard who has served two tours overseas. Rye lives in the small town of Teague, TX where he has his own apartment and works filling shampoo bottles for a local barber as well as mowing lawns. And Dar, well he is moms slow moving miracle. He lives with her in California and sometimes with me in Texas. He loves food, juice and 'phusic' (music!). He is lovely!

I'm lucky to have such wonderful role models for my wonderful boys as well as for myself. I see now that autism asks challenging questions, expects us to think outside the box, and then autism answers.

I encourage you to read my mothers book's, especially MIRACLES ARE MADE: A Real Life Guide to Autism where she shares with honesty and humor our learning's and struggles, some surprising and useful brain science, and inspiration from both a personal place as well as from the lives of many of her clients around the globe. Lynette Louise--my mom-- is a global autism expert, author, speaker/performer and therapist who makes house calls. She teaches play therapy, family dynamics and neurofeedback to families around the world.

I began turning up the volume on my learning's with a fantastic Facebook Page: Autism Answers Please join me there, and meet so many other fabulous friends: autistics, parents, siblings, grandparents, professionals and so much more!

If you would like to read more articles written by me feel free to google Tsara Shelton (that is I!) and you will see just exactly how much I enjoy talking about my family!!

Also, PLEASE check out my mom's international docu-series FIX IT IN FIVE with LYNETTE LOUISE aka THE BRAIN BROAD which allows struggling families to SEE what my mom does in homes around the world. Season One has already aired on The Autism Channel and can now be purchased or rented on demand. Season Two is expected to be fully edited and airing in January.  

The show is fully funded by Lynette Louise herself, and by contributors and helpers like us, known as Fix it in Fivers. We got started with this first IndieGoGo Campaign.  And if you sign up for The Loop we'll keep you posted with updates and invitations.  For a little fun, have a peek at our first campaign:

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It's so lovely to meet you! I look forward to sharing, growing, learning and sipping much coffee with you!!

Hugs, smiles, and love!!
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