Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Autism Answer: He said/She said

My husband is suspicious of the world. I embrace it. 

When my youngest brother first started getting to know the world on his own, there were many who saw his social awkwardness and hard core honesty as a target on his head. He was taken advantage of, stolen from and tricked often. One point for hubby. 

Others who watched him work his butt off looking for work, and get easily confused with bill paying saw him as a struggling newbie adult and stepped in to help, offering work or words of wisdom. One point for me.

When my two youngest sons (ages 14 & 12) were walking a pretty girl home from school a while ago, much fun and flirting ensued! The girl's uncle noticed and came barreling out of his house shirtless and hollering obscenities at my frightened boys. He warned them that he had a gun and wasn't above hitting a minor if they ever touched his niece... yadda, yadda. One point for my hubby. 

Together my boys talked about how they had felt and why they didn't think people should talk to others that way. By the time they got to me and told me what had happened they'd decided that the girl's uncle had overreacted and had been mean, but that it was because he was trying to protect someone he loves. They decided they would never do what he did, talk to kids that way, but they understood why he had. They would do their flirting at the school from now on! One point for me, I think!

My husband wants us to always protect our kids, drive them everywhere, worry about who they're dating and make sure they aren't being taken advantage of. I want to give our kids tools and opportunities, freedom and trust. My husband wants them to say no to peer pressure. I want them to say no to self doubt and yes to their hearts.

My husband and I want exactly the same things. We just disagree about how to get those things--often!! We want our kids to be healthy, safe, happy and successful. We want it so bad that we are willing to spend our lives arguing our points and insisting we are heard. And because we both respect each other, and know absolutely that we both want the same things, we do it with passion, but without anger... thought sometimes my intense need to parent my way does get us pretty close!

My point? If you are lucky enough to have loved ones, if you are lucky enough to have people in your world who want happiness, success and health for you and those around you, try to remember to always see from those intentions. Hopefully you'll still feel passionate about going after it your own way, but seeing the sameness has a way of reminding us just how many people are on our side! It's wonderful to feel that connection and support!!

Hugs, smiles and love everyone!!!!