Sunday, May 26, 2013

Autism Answer: Crazy Lynette!

Author's Note: Years ago, during a conversation about their growing-up years, I overheard my mom's childhood friend--her best friend!--refer to her as Crazy Lynette, and I just assumed that's what the kids had called her. I recently learned that my assumption was totally wrong, as assumptions very often are. But... I'd already written this little love note! So, I'm sharing it anyway!! 

My mom has a one woman musical comedy show called CRAZY TO SANE where she shares with humor, honesty and toe-tapping tunes her lifetime of learning from, living with, being challenged by and teaching to broken brains. Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad (my mommy!) does not have any one label, she grew up getting plenty thrown at her, but the one that stuck was crazy. Crazy Lynette! 

Somehow, Crazy Lynette has been able to: raise eight kids on her own, guide three of the four autistic ones off the spectrum, travel the globe working in the homes of struggling families who welcome her with open arms and grateful tears, speak and perform for professionals on autism and the efficacy of neurofeedback, write books and music, host popular podcasts, create/host and film the international reality series FIX IT IN FIVE with LYNETTE LOUISE aka THE BRAIN BROAD which airs on The Autism Channel, and can be rented or owned via Vimeo On Demand, is doubly board certified in neurofeedback and is getting her doctorate. That's just the tip of the iceberg! 

She is happy, lovely, strong, and addicted to staying young. I don't know if she's crazy. She's absolutely different, a little bit weird, but if she's crazy then I want to remember to always keep a little crazy in my world!

'Brainiac' is one of my favorite songs off of her CRAZY TO SANE cd. I'll include the video in this post. Please, check it out! It makes me feel like I understand my mom, brothers and the myriad of other people I know who struggle with depression, ADHD, autism, tourette's etc. It also reminds me of how I used to feel when my kids were small and I wasn't getting any sleep!

Everyone should have a little Crazy Lynette in their lives!! If you don't have one of your own, feel free to borrow mine! tee hee!!

Hugs, smiles, and love!!!

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