Thursday, May 16, 2013

Autism Answer: 'Cause it was in my Inbox!

Here's an neat little reminder not to judge ourselves based on the reactions or support of others. The other day I got a plea from someone at 'Indie Music' to please vote for his daughter's photo in a contest. She's a cute little ten year old posing with a pony. I thought, oh how adorable!

I was busy, but since it was a simple one-click wish, I complied and smiled to myself for helping a little girl possibly win a contest that I'm sure she's thinking about and worrying about and hoping about! I'll bet that if she wins, she'll feel like the prettiest little girl in the world!

What I didn't do was check out the other entries, check out what she'll win or exactly what it's for. I know it has something to do with horses. That's it. So despite the fact that other perfectly adorable little girls (and maybe boys? Like I said, I didn't look into it!) are on pins and needles hoping to win, and that the contest may be something I am completely against morally, I both voted and felt pleased!

I'm not saying what I did was horribly wrong or anything. It's just a nice little reminder not to judge our own parenting, writing, dancing, thought sharing, body image etc. by the reactions or support of others! It's lovely to remember that others are doing things for their own reasons, noticing you for their own reasons, and reacting to you for their own reasons.

Living with autism forced us to learn this lesson rather quickly! (Okay, honestly, my mom forced us to learn it rather quickly!) My brothers did things and noticed things for reasons that were so foreign to us, we had to learn it! We stopped thinking we were terrible cooks just because the boys hated lots of the food we made. Their sensory issues were to blame! I had to learn not to feel like a terrible sister just because my brothers would have meltdowns when mom was at work and I was babysitting. Missing their mom was to blame!

If your writing, thoughts, body style or dance moves are celebrated by others, enjoy it! If they aren't, don't worry about it!! Judge yourself not by the response you get from others, but by the feeling you give you

So if no one chooses to 'like' this post, share it on social media or comment, I will know that it's for your own reasons--maybe you're busy, or shy, or didn't see it, or don't agree, or are trying to make me cry (tee hee!)--and I will continue to write Autism Answers that help me share and discover my own ideas! 

Also... I might see if that Indie Music guy wants to reach out and get me more likes..... giggle!

Hugs, smiles, and lots of love!!!!!!

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