Thursday, May 30, 2013

Autism Answer: Showing Love

Who’d have thought fear of rejection was something parents would have to worry about with their kids? But for many parents of autism (and autistic individuals themselves!) it's a common concern. That’s because in trying to show love our way, we often bump into their challenges, get pushed away and feel rejected. Unfortunately, many parents--out of respect for their children--stop showing. Don’t! Instead, become an investigator of clues and discover how you and your child can share your love comfortably! 

With both of my youngest boys I had to play this game of discovering their unique affirmations of love, while helping them overcome challenges and sensory issues. And by letting me play this game and loving me for it, my boys helped me discover some of my own unique affirmations of love as well!!

For me, the struggle of feeling loved by my children was short lived and illuminating. There are so many different ways that people show love!!!

Because of the autism in my life, and the love of my fantastic and wildly different family, I am able to see and feel love easily, even when offered unconventionally! I bet you are too! And that, my friends, is only one of the fabulous gifts offered in a life loving autism!

Hugs, smiles and love!!