Thursday, June 13, 2013

Autism Answer: Every Single Life has Equal Value!

There is not a single one of us that is better than another. Yet different cultures are so foreign to us they can seem barbaric or just plain crazy. Every belief has it's inherent dangers and risks, but those that are contrasting to ours tend to frighten or offend us. Because of this we see war, hate and discrimination.

As families of special needs, especially the very misunderstood autism, we are continually challenged to discover the importance and beauty in the world of the 'very different'. We are sometimes tempted to see ourselves as 'better than'--whether we are the autistic one or someone loudly loving an autistic person--but in truth no one is better, or has more innate value, than another.

This truth is something most of us feel and believe. Yet we often catch ourselves (me included!) thinking or behaving differently. Today, let's think about just how much we all have to offer each other. Historically, hope for power and land, and fear of unknown cultures, has often led to much hate and killing.

Historically, also, a belief in the value of each individual has continued to win over the majority! I think because no matter what games we play in our minds we know that one life has never been more important than another. Ever. 

I say we look around at the world and focus on how hard everyone is trying, how much value there is in each and every life, and what we can do to be an active part of narrating our world--the one in our own home, our community, our planet, our universe, our soul--with that voice! And that understanding!

We are all equally valuable and fabulously able. Just drastically differently so! Let's enjoy and learn from that!

Hugs, smiles and love!!!!

Some of my kids: they are drastically different, and equally valuable!