Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Autism Answer: What's your Mission Statement?

Why are we running away from earths abundance of solar and wind energy by digging holes in the ground for oil? Is it because we already have systems and equipment and money rolling in? Is it because we already know how, and we're used to it, and hey--it works? 

Regardless of whose science you choose to believe, oil is not nearly as abundant as solar and wind. You just can't really argue that. So, what are we doing?

As parents we know this conundrum well. As friends of autism, even more so!! "This therapy or diet choice is working wonders," we'll cry! "This chore chart has made life simple and organized," we'll sing!! And it will! And it's wonderful! For a while....

Then we see new issues, or old issues, or challenges we'd never even considered. Do we throw away what's been working and try something new? But... the thing that was working, WAS working. And isn't it like giving up to try something new? Do we incorporate new ideas or therapies? Do we merely modify what we've been doing, or just assume this turn of events is a phase that with diligence and consistence will work itself out? Do we, do we, do we????

I think, as in the issue of where we get our energy, we insist on being flexible and willing to change, without seeing the old way as the bad way. It never was. It was just one of the ways. For another parent, the diet choice or homeschooling choice or therapy choice that you are possibly modifying or changing, may be just what they need! Because, remember, at one time it was just what you needed!! And perhaps it will become what you need again! 

My mom loves my brothers so much, she's tried and believed in so many things! We eight kids didn't have designer jeans or fancy hairdos, but we had auditory training, macrobiotics and blue green algae!! Every single thing helped some of us in some way, while other kids were helped by other things. My mom was never married to a therapy or diet, she was always married to the idea of helping us kids grow and learn and become comfortable in our bodies and brains. (She was also married to guys off and on... but they were a little less patient with our souls over sneakers approach!)

So, don't forget that you (and your family) are the expert in your home. If you see that your business model needs changing, or that new technologies and beliefs and learning's mean that you may want to revamp the job descriptions of everyone in the home, do it! Have fun with it! 

You should never give up on a thing just because it may not be perfect, but don't be afraid to change course either. This flexibility, with a consistent eye on the true goal (in our home that was forward motion, comfort and happiness) is something the rest of the world could really learn from us here in the autism community!

My mom--Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad--has had many businesses, and her mission statement always remained unchanged. She created it as a mom and carried it with her as an entrepreneur and international mental health therapist. Her intention is to teach herself out of a job by insisting on beautiful forward motion and flexibility. And always my mom has been successful. Always!

Let's be successful too!
What's your mission statement?

Hugs, smiles and love!!!