Friday, June 14, 2013

Autism Answer: Do it anyway!

I have very little money, four teenagers and a husband who works his butt off providing what he can so that I can work at home chasing my dreams. I have a sister and a mom who work their butts off to pay for my family's annual summer holiday trip to California so that we can be together. I have children who never complain about not having iPods or socks without holes, because they love what we do have.

Often I am tempted to say no to all the beautiful things being offered to me. Often I think I should stop following my dreams and get a job--my mom pays me for what I do on her behalf, but she's my mom so I still feel kinda bad--, stay home all summer so that my family saves money and can work less, whine about my kids not having iPods or brand new socks.

But mostly I'm just happy to enjoy what is offered and ever willing to do what I can to make it as easy and fun as possible. I learned this trick by watching my mom always do it anyway with us kids, and especially my autistic brothers. We didn't have the money, my brothers didn't seem to have the skills, but mom always did it anyway! And now, they do have the skills! And none of my brothers feel like the world owes them more than what they give it. They work hard, pick a goal, wonder if it's too lofty and then do it anyway! They buy brand new cars and trucks, snowboards and flat screen TVs and work the exact types of jobs they imagined when they were young.

So when you wonder if your goals are too lofty, or worry that you don't deserve the gifts life (and family or friends!) are offering, remember not doing it teaches not doing it. And then... do it anyway!!!

Hugs, smiles and love!!!