Thursday, June 20, 2013

Autism Answer: Know and be comfortable with your WHY

I have been appreciating autism for teaching me to find--what my mom calls--my why. When we're having a hard time teaching our kids to do something, like sleep in their own beds for example, Autism insists we ask ourselves...why? Why am I teaching this? 

Often the answer is because that's what kids are supposed to do in which case maybe we should re-evaluate our efforts. Other times it's because I strongly believe we all need privacy at some point in every day in which case knowing our why will give us a renewed energy for our efforts and we become much more consistent. 

Thanks to autism I have learned to sit back and discover my why in every other aspect of my life. I want that job. Why? My kids need school. Why? I want to lose ten pounds. Why? And so much more. What a wonderful difference it has made!! My choices are entirely my own, made with intention and an excited energy! 

One of the many examples of how autism asks challenging questions, begs us to think outside the box and then... Autism Answers!

Hugs, smiles and love!!