Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Autism Answer: Sometimes it's okay not to say it

Well friends, we made it!!! The Greyhound bus trip from Dallas, TX to Los Angeles, CA with Declyn and Shay was fabulous! We read together, sang together, snuggled and chatted. Shay (my chit-chatting-question-asking-socially-funny fifteen year old) met a few fun folks on the bus and filled them in on all his dreams and beliefs. Lucky them!!

I got to my mom's home in Cali where my two oldest sons, Jory and Tyran, are living. I hugged them so tight. I held them so long. I inhaled their energy and admired their masculinity and kindness.

There are no words for how filled with happiness and love I feel, being here with all four of my boys. All four brothers, together and filling each other in on life, loves and new ideas. The sounds, the laughter, the song sharing and video game chatter... I don't understand all of it, but I crave more and more.

There are not words. And so I won't try to say it. My boys can feel it and I can feel it. Why waste time trying to say it?

A nice reminder I think for all of us! Work on communication and clarity, but never forget to take the time to be and feel! Enjoy the search for the right words and understandings, but always center yourself and your family by sitting in the comfort of companionship and love!!

Though.... honestly, I feel so awesome right now I do wish I could find some words to truly share it with you!

Hugs, smiles and love!!!!