Sunday, June 16, 2013

Autism Answer: A Father's Day Love Note

When we met I had three kids and absolutely no intention of ever sharing my parenting world. 

Surely no one else could love my boys the way I did! 

With patience you allowed me to see that you could. Together we had another, and my four sons became our four sons. 

I thank-you with all of my heart for always loving all of us, and for always letting us love you our way. 

I thank-you for loving me so completely that I couldn't help but explore my gifts and beauty, and learn to love myself. 

I thank-you for showing our boys how to take care of a woman. By loving her and letting her grow without telling her how. 

I thank-you for showing our boys how to raise a family. By trusting and trying and communicating. By remembering that communication is so much bigger than words, and clearer when kept consistently kind. 

And I thank-you for being a strong, hard working and open minded role model for our sons, who have quickly become men. 

Before we met I was certain that marriage and co-parenting were for weaker women and compromising moms. 

Before we met, I was afraid to try. 

Thank-you for loving me out of that fear and gifting me with a fabulous father for our children. 

We thank you. We appreciate you. We grow with you. 

We love you! 

Happy Father's Day my love!!! 

Autism Answers with Tsara Shelton (Facebook)

Twelve years ago we were having this much fun.
We still are!
Happy Father's Day my love!!