Friday, June 7, 2013

Autism Answer: On breaking a few rules!

My husband has worked at the same glass factory for over fifteen years. At first, no one had cell phones. Then, some uppity techies had cell phones. Then everyone had cell phones.

There were no rules about cell phones when my hubby started working there. Then the uppity techies started using the phones to make work safer and easier, and that was neat. Then everyone started using their phones to text instead of work and watch and share porn. So, they had to make some rules.

So now, no one is allowed to use cell phones during work hours at all. They can be used in the break room when you are on break. Of course, people use their phones anyway, for all the same reasons they used them before, but less often and they try to be sneaky.

My husband will hide in the bathroom to call me and tell me he loves me and ask about my day. Sometimes he hangs up on me when he thinks he hears someone coming. I like the game of sneak and chat. I like it a lot!

Most rules are created by people to solve problems, we do it all the time as parents. Rarely are the rules followed precisely but they do help maintain some order and understanding of what will happen if so-and-so does such-and-such. They help us parents put words to life lessons.

Not only that, but rules are also very fun to break every now and then, if it's for a wonderful reason! When you consider breaking your own rules, or societies rules--whether as a parent or an individual--be certain you are honest about your reasons. Be sure your not doing it to watch porn... so to speak! Be sure it's because you think it's worth it to sneak into the bathroom, hiding like a child, to connect with someone you love.

If you are consistent with your reasons, then a few rules can be broken now and then!!

Hugs, smiles and love!!!!