Monday, June 24, 2013

Autism Answer: Technology's Gift for Parenting Success!

*Authors Note: I originally published this on my Empower Network blog: Positioning for Parenting Success with Tsara Shelton, but the content really matches us here at Autism Answers as well, so I thought it would be fun to share!! Hugs!!

Technology is teaching us something.
My mom travels the globe as a mental health expert, working successfully with children and adults who suffer from all sorts of challenges. Autism, ADHD, depression, anorexia, Parkinson’s, Tourette’s, addiction, seizure disorders and so much more. Her tools of change are neurofeedback (biofeedback for the brain), intentional play and family dynamics teachings. Families are gifted enormously when she teaches intentional play and family dynamics. They learn to understand the physical pathways and patterns in their brains–and habits which are grown–based on feedback from friends, family and environment. They learn the power of intention and attitudinal shifts.
But with the addition of a impressive technology, neurofeedback, they learn all of that and it gets to be almost easy.
There are many reasons why. As a brainiac my mom (and millions of other experts and clinicians like her) understands and encourages the growth of neuronal pathways for a more balanced brain. This, in turn, helps a person feel focused and comfortable. There are more reasons as well. But the one I want to highlight here is no judgement.
The neurofeedback computer doesn’t judge, it only offers feedback in the form of beeps. For people with social challenges and other mental health issues, technology can become their greatest teacher. It doesn’t judge and isn’t impatient. It is consistent.
As we position for parenting success by make money from home with Empower Network, let’s remember that technology’s gift is in it’s consistency and non-judgmental attitude. And let’s remember to take advantage of that!
Post and market consistently! Don’t worry about judgement, and don’t force your own on others! Stay excited and curious. Keep a vision of yourself and your family being who you love being and making money with ease held clearly in your mind. Don’t hope for it, go for it!
A fabulous byproduct of this kind of thinking will be happiness and dreaming big and believing big in your home.
Now that’s positioning for all kinds of success!!
Thanks for the lovely lesson technology! Keep on consistently reminding us!!
Hugs, smiles and love!!