Saturday, June 15, 2013

Autism Answer: Rose Colored Glasses in your wardrobe? Sweet!

On my page I share stories, ideas and memories... all the while intentionally offering a happy spin! With each story I share there are many, many moods I could choose as a narrator, I almost always choose happy. This is very much on purpose!

I have no desire to lie to myself or others about the challenges of autism, parenting, working, or life in general. The reason I choose a happy tone is I tend to FEEL my narration and BECOME my narration. Funnily, I learned this from my mom who learned it from performing stand-up comedy! Starting out, she took advantage of the hilarity inherent in making fun of and complaining about us teenagers. Funny stuff, but we were quietly offended as teens and mom started thinking and feeling her jokes at home. She noticed pretty quickly and decided to change! Her jokes became hilariously inspirational--even the sexy ones!-- and she sometimes included us kids in her shows, inviting us on stage! It became amazing family fun!

So when I share my stories with a happy spin, I'll admit that I do hope to give you some useful tips and giggles! I truly love that idea! But, since there is no way for me to crawl into a readers brain and make them see what I'm hoping to share--and no way for me to be sure that my ideas are any good anyway!-- I choose to write with a happy spin that makes me feel good! One that reminds me to see the answers hidden in the challenges of autism, teenagers, change, life in general. So, read my posts remembering that pain, frustration and mistakes are absolutely included. I even get a strange enjoyment our of sharing my not-so-pretty qualities, I just choose a pretty highlighter in the telling! 

Small habits can make big changes! Putting a happy spin on your life stories--especially when telling them to yourself!--isn't a lie. I also don't think it puts you in danger of being hoodwinked (although, my hubby and I disagree on that point!), but it can make you feel good, make your kids feel good, make your life feel good! 

Hugs, smiles and love!!!