Saturday, June 1, 2013

Autism Answer: Labeling Living!

It's become apparent to me that I have a habit of labeling. And I think it's fantastic! Very often understanding that your child is 'high functioning autistic' or that your cousin is 'OCD' or that you have 'oppositional defiant disorder' or that Mark Ruffalo suffers from 'adorable guy next door sexiness' can be a gift that makes much of your world make sense, where it had been confusing and possibly painful before receiving the label. However, be certain not to then believe in the limitations and invented boxes of the label! 

Autism has our loved ones and ourselves thinking very differently and seeing the world through very different eyes... this does not create limits, just challenges and comforts that can confuse and enlighten! And Mark Ruffalo may have adorable guy next door sexiness, but that doesn't mean you'll like him when he's angry! (Not so clever Hulk reference!) 

Labeling living is fine and makes understanding and chatting about ourselves and others easier. But remember that labels are just words! A chair may be a chair, but in the hands of my children it is also almost always something else! A mountain, a home for army men or a trampoline!! I may be silly, but I can also be introspective and serious. So go ahead and label living! Just remember not to live the label!! 

Hugs, Smiles and Love!!!