Thursday, June 6, 2013

Autism Answer: "We're all in this alone." ~Lily Tomlin

I ran across that Lily Tomlin quote the other day, and absolutely loved it! I think it's so true, and both lovely and sad, depending on how you look at it in the moment your looking at it. Mostly, I think it's lovely!

Autistic folks are often said to be "in their own world", but that is, of course, equally true for everyone! No one but us can hear our thoughts, know our deepest challenges or feel our bodies pains and pleasures. 

However, we are all in this! How wonderful to know that we can share, learn from, reach out to and help each other. 

My brother, Dar, is thirty-one and very challenged. There is no way I can ever get into his head and know how it feels to be him. Neither can he do that for me. But I think it is enough that we want to. 

So know that, though you are of course the only one who can crawl inside and be you, you are not by yourself! There are so, so, so many others in this alone as well! Most are ready to offer support and love!

Including me!! 

Hugs, smiles and love!!!